House Gets Go-Ahead in Overreach Lawsuit


By Hadley Heath

Thursday a federal judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by the U.S. House of Representatives can proceed. This lawsuit, which I've covered here before, alleges that the executive branch of of government overstepped its authority. Specifically, the claims of the lawsuit include the paying out billions of dollars to health insurance companies without Congressional approval and unilateral delay of ObamaCare's employer mandate.

Importantly, this latest decision from district court Judge Rosemary Collyer is not a ruling in favor of House Republicans. It only allows the case to move forward. In legalese, this is a denial of the defendant's motion to dismiss the case. But the decision did reject one aspect of the case: the employer mandate delay.

Critics of this lawsuit say it's all about politics, and that it's inappropriate for the House to use the court system to push back on ObamaCare in this way. But House leaders defend the suit, saying the executive branch is exceeding its constitutional authority, and arguing that as a coequal branch of government, it makes sense for them to sue. 

You can read more about the latest events in this lawsuit in this report from The Hill.




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